I was looking into these two devices in Lowyatt and Imbi.

 Linksys SPA3102 and Zoom 5800-00-11.

Both adapter above has the FXS and FXO which i needed most.However,failed to find one.Most of them only have the LinkSys SPA2102 which is conains only FXS only.

 A quote from 3cx.com

FXS - Foreign eXchange Subscriber interface is the port that actually delivers the analog line to the subscriber. In other words it is the ‘plug on the wall’ that delivers a dialtone, battery current and ring voltage.

FXO - Foreign eXchange Office interface is the port that receives the analog line. It is the plug on the phone or fax machine, or the plug(s) on your analog phone system. It delivers an on-hook/off-hook indication (loop closure). Since the FXO port is attached to a device, such as a fax or phone, the device is often called the ‘FXO device’.


Read more: Blog : FXS and FXO


 Alhamdulilah,see what i have found


Here the configuration



I just think to start this new category as there are a lot of voice application out there.So,here we start with something is not very popular yet.Its called voice sms.

 Voice SMS is actually a message that use the voice transportation to transmit from the sender to the receiver.

 The interface to the message could be in IVR or in SMS messages. 

 Here are the diagram


I've know that Freepbx is the tool to configure the Asterisk from remotely.THis is a great tools.But,i don't have enough time to configure it.Completely tired with the activities.I wonder when will i start with my voice recognition project.This is not good as time running very quickly and i'm getting older and older.Wonder what will i do when i reach 30, i have to make a first step today.If not, i will just remain working with company which didn't offer me much.