The below code has been used quite for long time. The objective was to these records into which one are either recent/latest or earlier. Using 'MIN' to flag the earliest or 'MAX' function to flag the latest. 

Have a try.

update cpemanagement.novaTT set TT_flag=0;
update cpemanagement.novaTT a
        INNER JOIN
           SELECT NOVA_ACCOUNT_NUM,MIN(created_date_new) max_time
           FROM cpemanagement.novaTT
        ) b ON a.NOVA_ACCOUNT_NUM = b.NOVA_ACCOUNT_NUM and a.created_date_new=b.max_time
set a.TT_flag=1; 



Dear All,

Recently I was cheated by a house renovation contractor amounting RM45,000 (USD 11,828). Me and my wife did not expect this things to happen. All our dreams to have our house completed by June this year were destroyed. We felt disappointing with the person who early we trust to help us build our dream house. We felt miserable and at certain point of time, didn't know what to do because there are no money left in our savings to continue the house renovation. Every month, we have to higher installment to banks for housing loan and personal loan.

I've decided to offer my skills to anybody who are interested to learn about data analysis, internal auditing or revenue assurance especially in telecommunication. I need to raise money and also to help feed our daily meals too. 

If you are interested or have any project to offer to me, kindly email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I'm willing to do any software engineering project or python or R programming or any training for me raise money.


Thank you,


I used to have problem, when processing thousands of files in unix, they come in different format and style. One of the issues was that the filename has space. Below are one of the tips.


find -name "* *" -type d | rename 's/ /_/g' 


Recently, I managed to draw the location of TMpoint in Malaysia. Kindly find the figure below. Maybe the font is too small. Can be adjust.


tmpoint = read.csv("tmpoint_location.csv")

map('worldHires','Malaysia',plot = TRUE, fill = TRUE, col = palette())
title("TM Point Location Nationwide")